Industrial automation, desing and construstion of specific machines.


Industrial automation

Design and manufacture of special purpose machines

Additional automation 

Pneumatic systems

Design – Manufacture - Service


Creating websites

Selling of used, industrial computers (PC)

Trade of automation products 

(Electrical elements, pneumatic elements)


Design and manufacture

According to the needs of our clients, our engineers are in continuous contact with the clients from the consultations of the problem to the very end. Plans are constantly agreed in order to give the appropriate machine to the client.

Manufactured machines, equiomnets

  • Leak-Flow tester
  • Egg cup numerator
  • Caps filler
  • PEZ machine
  • LEGO machine
  • Developments/improvements
  • Tampon printing machine 
  • Pneumatic desk

I. From the first contact to the contracting – The preparation 

Our company places strong emphasis on establishing a good relationship with the costumer. Points of the preparation:

  • Contact
  • Field survey
  • Requirements of the agreement
  • making an offer
  • contracting

Our aim is to create a conditionality which comprises the customer’s accurate requirements, either as drafted or in spirit, in order to produce the equipment providing as much flexibility and additional functions as possible. The well-defined wording of tasks can prevent further modifications. 

II. From the designing to the manufacturing – The implementation 

After the  well-defined preparation phase, our company ensures to the customer  to monitor, on an ongoing basis, the ordered products during the:

  • designing
  • plan selection
  • manufacturing of the equipment
  • and during the assembling of the equipment.

Our customers are actively involved in plan selection where we analyse the plans made by our engineers acording to the following aspects:

  • Manufacturing dealine
  • Meet the needs and demands 
  • Cost
  • Ex-post service/maintenance 
  • Manageability

III. From the commissioning to the end of the guarantee period – The handover

Because of the precisely agreed plans it can be assured that the customer can receive the product in time. Continuous cooperation during the installation:

  • Maintenance advices, tasks completion
  • Pre-acceptance test
  • Handover – acceptancel
  • Consultations about practical experiences
  • Matching Practical experience
  • Modification, if it is needed, itt he light of experiences

Our works


The Control Trade Bt. (the short form is CT Bt.) was established in 1999. It is a 100% family-owned enterprise.


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Industrial automation

Design and manufacture of special purpose machines

Additional automation

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